Vita Coco Pressed™

The Original


Coconut water with a dash of coconut puree. Tastes even better than it makes your body feel.

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12pk / case

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Pressed™? Why?

All the benefits of coconut water with an extra coconutty flavor. We know "coconutty" doesn't look like a real word, but it's in the dictionary. Go ahead and look it up. We'll wait.

What's Inside The Original

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Coconut Water from concentrate
(Water, Coconut Water Concentrate)
Coconut Puree
Less than 1% Sugar
Our coconuts come from all around the world, and like most natural products, have variations in flavor. To make sure we provide our customers with a great experience every time, and that the taste profile of our products is consistent across the regions that we source, we add less than 1% sugar to our coconut water. It doesn’t have an impact on the sugar content of the product, it really just standardizes the flavor.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
To keep your coconut water as fresh as can be.
Gellan Gum
To keep your coconut water as fresh as can be.

Pressed™? When?